The Ireland Project Welcome

Welcome to “The Ireland Project”

Everything on our webside is related to the beautiful country Ireland.

Just have a look, hang around and enjoy!

Some projects are already realized, others will follow. It should be a plattform for Ireland fans. Informations, diskussions and a lot more. We look forward to you!

First of all, please be patient with us. It’s a private website. There are not twenty or more people working in the backgroud. I’m (Dirk) although not a native english speaking person. We will try to give or best, to let it work properly. If you will find very bad english phrases – just let us know ;-). If you want to help us with the page – just let uns know. Thank you!

We are always open to your new ideas. If there is something you miss on this website, just let us know. Maby it is possible to integrate it.

As I said before: we are alwas looking for people that want to help with the website to make it work properly. Maybe a moderator in the forum, maybe an auther in the blog. Just write us a message and we will find out how it could work.

Future plans you will find here !

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