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Please read before participating in the forums!

  • Spam, advertising, offensive, offensive, racist, illegal, harassing, distorting, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, defamatory. Posts are prohibited and are always deleted.
  • The transmission of contributions or other material on our website is prohibited in violation of legal or contractual obligations (e.g. inside information, confidential information); furthermore the transfer of postal items or other material on our website in violation of a patent, a trademark, a trade secret, a copyright, data protection or publication rights or other property rights of a third party; also contributions that intentionally or unintentionally violate applicable national or international laws and regulations.
  • Important: Do not post any lyrics or links to music files!
  • All content (texts, photographs, graphics, etc.) in contributions or on our website is protected by copyright. They may not be copied or distributed without the express consent of the rights holder.
  • It is forbidden to track down a user of this website or an employee of the-ireland-project.com or to harass him in any other way, or to collect, save or attempt to collect personal data about other users of the website.
  • There can be aggression and anger in the forum, which is normal to a certain extent. We are thin-skinned and sensitive. If you let it out, it’s OK.

    But: No personal attacks on other participants that can be hurtful, insulting and defamatory or that are provocative.

  • First read, then think. Read again, think again. And only then post!

    The risk of misunderstandings is particularly high with a written medium. Make sure that the author answers you beforehand, not otherwise, perhaps ironically, sarcastically or otherwise. meant.

    Your choice of words should be appropriate and acceptable to everyone.

    Remember: Your posting is visible worldwide via the Internet (except for the Protected Forum)!

  • If personal attacks do occur, this will be clarified in private email contact or asks for help. It does not do the forum justice to publicly dispute personal disagreement here and, if necessary, to deter new members.
  • Author / email address: Registration ensures that we, the operator, have the personal data (valid email address, etc.). We will not pass this data on to third parties.

  • The stored email addresses are not visible (neither for users nor for spam robots), but you can reply to them using a form. There is also no need to worry that the email addresses could be misused.
  • Identity: We prohibit any participant in our protected forums, chats or bulletin boards that are operated with a third-party identity when registering and every time the services are used. For every participant who is hiding behind a username / nick. It is also examined whether a user passes on his access data to our protected forums or chats, or gives unauthorized access to these to a non-member.
  • Right of use: With the creation of a contribution, a simple, temporally and spatially unlimited and free contribution can only be used within the framework of the forum. The right of use remains even after termination of participation in the forum.
  • Liability: Please note that we, as the operator of this forum, are liable for the content of the postings. In the event of recourse, we will be used to compensation. Therefore, do not post any suspicions or suspicions, but only facts that can be clearly proven and substantiated, that no one can prosecute under criminal or civil law, that do not relate to ongoing investigations.
  • In the event of violations of the rules, the operators are entitled to delete individual posts, to temporarily or permanently block a participant in the protected forums or chats or to ban the house.
  • Number of contributions: Again and again there are fierce discussions that there are more responses / postings to contributions (or commemoration days) than to others. Most with the reproach that you have some personal know, also more resonance available.
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